Chesil Beach is seventeen miles long and is known by its access points: starting from the Portland end, there is the cove at Chiswell, followed by the Masonic Hall, then Ferry Bridge, Bridging Camp. East Fleet, Moonfleet, Langton Herring, Abbotsbury, West Bexington, Cogden, Hive Beach and finally West Bay.

East Fleet, Moonfleet and Langton Herring require the use of a boat to cross the Fleet Lagoon, although land owners are making it increasingly difficult to cross their land. A boat would also be useful for the Bridging Camp so as to save that romp along the beach.


It’s been well over a year since we posted a report on this page and I feel guilty for not keeping it up to date and relevant. So as of this week I will attempt to make weekly reports, but if I have not heard anything for that week because of the weather or what ever reason, I may skip the report that week.

Starting off I will say that it can be a very difficult time of year, the mackerel hasn’t quite turned up yet and the Spider crabs and May water will be here soon. Not to mention the fishing overall is very touch and go.

Having said that, if you can find the right spot, you can really do well for yourself. Yesterday, a regular by the name of Bradley Price managed to catch no fewer than ten Plaice off Chesil. All on our Dungie Black Lug and Fresh Dug Rag. He also used a new product we’re now stocking called Holy Mackerel, it is pure fish oil and puts a really strong scent in the water to help attract fish.

Similarly another gentleman, Mike Rose, landed himself seven Plaice in one session last week off Chesil. Unfortunately the shop was still closed because of the covid lockdown, but it’s another case of finding the right spot at the moment.

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where either of these guys were along Chesil but generally you want to try and go for a good walk to get away from the crowds in front of the car park.

Overall, plenty of Plaice if you can find them, the odd Mackerel but no shoals yet and currently no May water and no spider crabs….. YET.

Tight lines and stay safe!


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