Chesil Beach is seventeen miles long and is known by its access points: starting from the Portland end, there is the cove at Chiswell, followed by the Masonic Hall, then Ferry Bridge, Bridging Camp. East Fleet, Moonfleet, Langton Herring, Abbotsbury, West Bexington, Cogden, Hive Beach and finally West Bay.

East Fleet, Moonfleet and Langton Herring require the use of a boat to cross the Fleet Lagoon, although land owners are making it increasingly difficult to cross their land. A boat would also be useful for the Bridging Camp so as to save that romp along the beach.


Morning all, hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy new year. Only just realised it’s been two months or so since the last post, the weather hasn’t been the best with beach being almost utterly unfishable for weeks at a time with very small, narrow windows or opportunity. However, despite the weather, this winter has actually been fishing well with a number of Cod and Codling since around September, we had Channel Whiting up to around 2 1/2lb to 3lb up until just before Christmas. We’ve had a very good number of rays most of the way through the season along with summer fish like the odd Smoothound.  We even had Black Bream showing as recently as this weekend. 

Not to mention the crazy Blue Skate that Till Hall landed just into the new year (go check out his facebook profile pic for that). Blue Skate are an American species that aren’t know to migrate great distances so to have one turn up to Chesil and for someone to catch one is a true mystery, it could have something to do with the extremely mild weather this winter, but that’s just guess work.

Last week we had Storm Brendan, it battered Chesil with winds of up to 70mph and waves averaging around 5m with the odd freak wave reaching as high as 8m. Today, the water is flat as a pancake and expected to be like this until the end of the coming weekend. This weekend fished pretty darn well, Cod are still about, Bass, Rays and Black Bream all came out along Chesil.

And that’s it, we’re open until this Sunday 26th, after that I’m afraid we’ll be closed for out annual time off, we’ll be back on Monday 17th February so until then, make the most of the since weather, stay safe and tight lines!



 Hi hi, another short report this week, you can thank all this wet and windy weather for that. There was an number of codling over the weekend up to 5lb and large number of good size Channel Whiting up to 2lb.  There was probably other fish caught, go check out pages like uk shore report, but that’s more or less as much as we’ve heard directly from anglers walking in.

well, that’s it. More wet and windy weather for most of this week, just have to wait and see what happenes.

Tight lines!





hi everyone, this weekend The Three Counties had a club match at Abbotsbury beach and the result were pretty good. A number of Cod/codling up to just over 8lb, good size whiting, a 4lb Turbot, Gilthead bream and there’s still plenty of dogs, pout and conger swimming about. All in all a good weekend with more nice weather to follow the early part of this week. It really is nice to see cod around still, in the past few years cod have been around for maybe a month and a bit before vanishing. Hopefully we’ll have them for a while longer.

And that’s it for this weeks report, just another standard one but overall the weekend fished well, we’ll see what this week brings.

Tight lines!




hey, hows it going, yeah i skipped a week, i know. But things went a bit quieter, there are still a few codling coming out here and there, plenty of whiting, dogfish, pouting, conger eel and the occasional Sole. But the weather hasn’t been the best and the water is STILL coloured up. Luckily the weather is looking pretty good this week after Tuesday. This might be my shortest report yet, really not a lot to talk about but i figured something was better than nothing.

Tight Lines!




So, most of you probably visit this page to see what us at Abbotsbury Fishing Tackle have heard about recently, the better question to ask for this past week is, what haven’t we heard about.

Hope you’re all keeping well, we’ll just dive straight into it. Mackerel came back in force last week, along with White Bait. So much so that it was getting washed up on the beach throughout most of the week and the Bass went ballistic for it. Black Bream was still showing towards the Portland end of Chesil Beach mostly around the 1lb mark. Plaice and Sole came out at Cogden and West Bexington, and just as i was writing this report, one of our regulars, Billy, had a 1lb 12oz Sole from Bexy on our fresh rag. Photos on our facebook page.

Whiting have also been about in large numbers, the odd Codling here and there, we heard about a couple of rays and a smouthound or two. For the most part its been pretty wild on the beach, i heard about a Seal pitching anglers fish on the retrieve, and yes i did hear about the whopping big Tuna that was videoed jumping out off Chesil last week, if you haven’t seen it i strongly suggest you do. It’s on UK Shore Reports on facebook, go check it out!

Funnily enough i only started hearing about the variety of species being caught after i wrote my report for last week, it would have been a bit more of an exciting report otherwise but oh well.

We had a wind on Friday and Saturday, waves heights between 4 to 7 meters at one point across the two days. We haven’t heard too much of what’s still about but hopefully it’ll just pick right up where it left off.

With all that in mind, Tight Lines!




hi there, its been three weeks since the last report and to be honest its just more of the same, Cod coming out in decent numbers all along Chesil. But we have had something different recently, Ferry Bridge is still seeing Black bream and Cogden is still holding Sole. But for the most part we’ve had bad weather and coloured up water for quite some weeks now, however this week we have a lot of calmer days, we might see some plaice and maybe, just MAYBE see some more mackerel. 

And that’s it, i literally have nothing much to talk about, a lot of the days in the past few weeks have been for the most part unfishable or absolutely tipping it with rain.

Tight Lines




Afternoon all, i ment to write this early and also last week but with the way the weather was turning/has been i couldn’t find much to write about. So, we’ve had some pretty bad weather, almost everyday last week was unfishable with waves between two to four meters tall, but on the odd occasion where the wind died off a little and you could fish it there were Cod caught. To be honest, that’s all i have. Seeing very few or zero people on most days last week i’m afraid i have nothing else to report.

We have more bad weather tonight, more bad weather tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday and Thursday both look like good days and we will have live baits for both days, hopefully, BUT then the weather goes bad again Friday and Sunday.

All i can see for now is, keep an eye on the weather, if that water is brown then the Cod and Bass should be there, just be careful if it’s rough.

Tight Lines!




Good morning all, hope everyone is keeping well, fishing has been pretty good since my last report. Over the course of the previous weekend and last week there were a lot of Plaice and Sole at Cogden and West Bexington, there been a good number of Black Bream at the Dragon’s Teeth, which is left of Abbotsbury Beach. We’ve had Smoothound, Bass, Rays, Codling, Mackerel, Garfish, the list really does go on.

With all that in mind please be aware that there’s not billions of fish being caught, but there really is still a lot of variety about, but overall i would say the main fish about at the moment are Plaice and Sole. With the weather looking good for this week hopefully the fishing should stay good too.

In regards to mackerel, i think its safe to say they are more or less back in! I’ve had a number of people last week, over this weekend and this morning mention they’ve had mackerel or seen White Bait getting washed up on the beach, so i think its worth a chuck again. You will generally find bass chasing the shoals of mackerel, so if you’re using a dexter wedge try and get one behind the shoal.

Good luck and tight lines!



Another week, another very short fish report. Mackerel still seem to be almost non-existent compared to a few weeks ago, Plaice and Sole are still coming out of Cogden and also down at the last cottages on Abbotsbury Beach. Still hearing about Black Bream, bass, rays and the odd codling from most spots on the beach (apart from infront of the car parks, that’s blank city), but overall things seem to be a little slow. All we can suggest at the moment is, make the most of the nice weather.

Tight lines!




Afternoon all, bit of a slower week this week, had some good reports from Andrew Proudfoot and Kyle Blackmore, a couple of chesil regulars, of Plaice, Sole, Bream and rays. We’ve heard about a small number of cod during the night time at the weekend but for the most part it seems like things are getting a little quieter, Mackerel have seem to be hard going this weekend whether it’s due to the amount of people on the beach generating noise and sending them further out or the shoals just thinning out a little, either way they’re hard work at the moment.

We’re due another wind the weekend, might colour the water up a bit and bring some cod back in, or the forecast might change and we’ll get more of this lovely weather.

Just a short one again.

Tight lines!




Hi hi, it’s been a pretty good week since the last catch blog, Cod have been coming out pretty regular of all shapes and sizes, we’ve have none stop winds followed by calmer days followed by more wind and its kept that water the right sort of dirty for them. Mackerel on the other hand seem to have suffered, they don’t seem to be in the numbers they were before that storm which makes sense with the colour of the water. They are still there though, but don’t expect to catch hundreds.

On various baits we’ve been getting Bass, Rays, Black Bream, the odd Smouthound and of course cod. Been a lot of weed about too, pulled up from the storms and floating on the surface causing problems, but there’s still fish being caught.

Hopfully the Mackerel will start coming in again this week, it’s a bit lumpy today but the weather is suppose to calm down a lot this week, we might start seeing Plaice during the day and Sol at night, time will tell though.


Have a nice week all and tight lines!






Good afternoon, it been another interesting week, Mackerel arrived in large numbers and ended up getting washed up onto the beach with small white bait mixed in. There’s been ALOT of bass about too, i posted one report on our Facebook page of someone catching eleven bass, biggest being 9 lb and the rest were between 4-5 lb. That’s not the only bass report we’ve heard about last week either, someone else had just under a dozen small bass, all too small to keep but bass non the less.

Cod seem to showing a bit more now, since we had that storm on the weekend we’ve had a couple reports of them during Sunday where the wind had calmed down enough to fish.

With the water still a very muddy colour mackerel have been very difficult today, we may not see them in big numbers until the water clears up and with more winds on the way, that could be a little while yet.

But at least its good cod conditions.

Tight Lines!




Afternoon, just another quick report. That wind we had last week seemed to bring the Codling in, although mostly towards the Portland end of Chesil, near the Ferry Bridge. There’s been Black Bream about too at Abbotsbury over the weekend and good catches of Mackerel or all shapes and sizes.

And lastly there was a Tuna caught off the beach, I’m not sure what species, weight or location, but we do have a photo of it on our facebook page so feel free to speculate. To us, it looks like it was caught at West Bexington, but again, that’s more speculation than fact.

Anyway, sorry to make this one very short but that’s all the slightly new things we know at the moment.

Happy fishing and tight lines!





 Evening all, hope everyone had a nice weekend, time for another catch report. Mackerel came in last week in good numbers again which is nice to see, but then we heard that those numbers have dropped off again over the weekend and today. Just goes to show they can be here one day and gone the next, you can’t predict them and you have to just keep trying!

In other news, we’re still hearing reports of Plaice, bass, rays and smooth hound, although admittedly it does seem to be a bit hit or miss and not everyone doing that well. But they are definitely out there to be had. One pair of anglers went across the fleet at Langton Herring and had nine species of fish, another gentleman told me this morning he had a large smooth hound on the weekend to the left of West Bexington. What both these reports had in common, they were away from people, a stretch of beach to themselves.

And that’s about it really, catch reports have been slow so trying to type out one of these a week is difficult without making it sound too much like the previous one. 

Also, there’s a big wind coming tomorrow (tuesday 8th), a strong south-west 30-40 mph, strong enough to rough things up. It could be worth fishing on the wednesday when the sea calms done or even the thursday, generally thiongs do improve straight after a wind.

Happy fishing and tight lines!







Good afternoon, it’s been three weeks since the last blog/report and a lot has happened. The weather has been absolutely perfect, most days have been completely cloudless, we’ve had good reports of Plaice at Abbotsbury, Fresh Water and West bay beach. We’ve heard of the odd bass, smooth hound and rays, mackerel have been pretty decent too, it seems like you really have to work for them though. Black Bream have started showing along the beach towards Portland, i hear Rays have been alright there too.

With all that in mind not everyone is catching, I’ve had people mention about how they’ve been struggling to catch fish, to that i say, just keep trying. It’s always good to get away from the car park section of the beach, to get away from the crowds! It’s never a good idea to fish with people casting side by side to each other, casting other each others lines, causing problems and getting frustrated. Not to mention the sound that travels underwater from all those people on that part of the beach and all the line in the water, it can’t be a good thing. Most of the time getting away from those crowds requires a walk on the shingle, but there are some spots like Abbotsbury beach where you can drive along the road at the back of the beach for a good mile or so, drop your gear off, drive back to the car park and walk back up. You cannot park along that road though, it’s too narrow. 

Unfortunately there are no guarantee’s with fishing, but trying to get away from the crowds will help.  

Best of luck to you all and tight lines!






Afternoon all, this past week and a half has been quite an exciting one, for a change. The weather calmed down, the May Water (plankton/Algae bloom) has cleared off and things are starting to come to life. Since last week we’ve had a number of reports of Smoothound, Plaice, Bass and all of the usual Ray species we see off Chesil.

One cracking report we heard of was towards the Dragon’s Teeth, 8 Smoothound and 2 Rays. Mackerel have been showing a bit more as well, not in the huge numbers we can experience in July and August but they’re being caught in good abundance, but you still have to work for them.

We have not heard much about spider crabs causing trouble recently but they’ll definitely be about.

And that’s that, bit of a shorter report than normal but i guess there’s only a few ways you can say something’s good. In fact it’s improved so much so that even I went down to Ferry bridge on the weekend to try my luck Mackereling and walked away with half a dozen nice ones for the dinner plate.

Tight lines!






Good afternoon, it’s time for another one of these, it’s been a little while, longer than expected but recently theres not been a whole lot to shout about so we’ll keep this one short and sweet.

First off, May water. the trend this month seems to have continued from last month, where we’re getting some really nice weather and day or two later its nasty again. But thanks to the nasty weather the May water seems to have mostly disappeared and driven most of the spider crabs into deeper water, for now.

The beach has still been quiet, there’s Smoothounds, Rays, Plaice and Bass around but not many people have been out fishing. And Mackerel seem to be passing through in small shoals still, some days we hear of people catching a good number in a short amount of time, but for the most part it’s two or three hear and there.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, i’ll post an update soon when we have something to toot about, until then, take care and tight lines!








Good afternoon, it’s been a little while since we’ve posted one of these. The weather has been extremely up and down, one week it’s calm and warm and the next it’s gale force winds and heavy rain. With a combination of poor weather mixed with hit and miss fishing at Abbotsbury and West Bexington, it’s been fairly quiet for us.

Recently things have improved, Mackerel have been around in good numbers this weekend, although overall they’ve been very patchy so far this year.

Plaice are still being caught in good numbers and sizes at Cogden during the calmer weather and Sole and smoothound are starting to make a good show. We’re also seeing various Ray Species coming to fish baits along most of Chesil.

Spider Crab are finally here in force, we’ve had reports of many anglers losing hooks to the pests, but it’s not all bad, they do help bring in the smooth hound which have been caught on live peelers, so it’s not the end of the world.

May water is next, it’s been showing here and there in small patches during the sudden warm weather but then it almost vanishes and we don’t hear anything about it for a few weeks. It shouldn’t really effect the fishing too much, it may impact the Plaice fishing but Smooth hound and Ray don’t seem to mind it too much, you can even catch Sole during the day if the May water is really thick.

Just a few things we thought worth sharing.

Tight Lines.






After a slow start to the year with two weeks of back to back winds following Chesil’s “quiet” part of the year, its safe to say things are finally springing back into action, including us.

The week of calmer weather and murky water was slow to start off with, people gradually travelling down to see what they could pull out. We had reports of a few of the ray species and codling, along with a large amount of dogfish and big pouting. As the water started to clear up mid week we started to get reports of good numbers of good sized plaice from West Bexington and Cogdon and that continued into the weekend.

The Plaice that have been out have been of a good size and weight, and not the almost transparent appearance they don this time of year. With more warm and calm weather coming all week this week we can only hope this carries on, we all need it!






Since chirstmas there has been a good number of cod about in all shapes and sizes, the biggest one we heard of was around fifteen and half pounds. most reported have been of a smaller size, around four to six pounds.

Since then the cod have slowly been fading away, we think this could be due to shoals of small white bait spotted a mile off Portland.

Overall the weather has been very mild for this time of year as shown by reports of Black Bream, a summer species, being caught in and around chirstmas down at the Ferry Bridge part of Chesil Beach.

Also we’ve been hearing about a fair number of the various Ray Species being caught from the Checkpoint and towards Chesil Cove, West Bexington has also seen a small number of rays, but not in the same quantity as towards Portland. Even more recently we’ve had reports of early Plaice down at West Bay Beach.

Other than that there’s been the odd bass around and of course not forgetting the usual dogfish, pouting, whiting and boot straps (small conger eel).

And thus concludes Abbotsbury Fishing Tackles Report on recent catches, we will attempt to keep this up to date and post a new overall report here once every week or so. I must admit, we are coming to the end of the winter fishing season and in February we close for a few weeks.


Good luck everyone and tight lines!

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Another week another Abbotsbury Fishing Tackle catch report. Like last week, fishing seems to be slowing down a lot now, we’ve still been hearing reports about the odd cod and ray here and there, along with of course plenty of dogfish, pouting, whiting and boot straps (small conger eel).

But on the other side of things, we did get a report about garfish caught off Abbotsbury Beach during the week which is both unusual and incredibly early!! but then again its been a pretty odd season, it’s still rather mild down here with very little frost.

With all that in mind, we have decided to bring forward our holiday period to Sunday 20th January, that’s right, yesterday. We will be back on Monday 18th February  at 8.30am sorry for any inconvenience but even we need some time off, generally it’s the only time off we take during the year aside from christmas. We find this time of year perfect as not too many people are fishing so we can get away with taking time off while upsetting as fewer people as possible.

Best of luck and tight lines

Arran & Tom


Since last week we have noticed a steady decline in the number of anglers we see each day, as is expected from this time of year. However we did hear about about a fantastic report from a gentleman called Wayne Sage. Wayne has been hunting for his personal best Blonde Ray for thirty years and just last sunday, the day after our last fishing summery, he caught a 17lb Blonde Ray at the checkpoint, absolutely smashing his old record.

We’ve seen the odd report here and there of Cod being caught at various marks but the general feedback is, they are few and far between. We’ve had no news on anymore plaice just yet but it won’t be too long until they start appearing along the beach here, generally accompanied by shoals of Mackerel and Herring.

That’s all I’ve got this week, as I’ve mentioned, it has been pretty slow even when the days are calm.

Best of luck and tight lines!

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