Chesil Beach is seventeen miles long and is known by its access points: starting from the Portland end, there is the cove at Chiswell, followed by the Masonic Hall, then Ferry Bridge, Bridging Camp. East Fleet, Moonfleet, Langton Herring, Abbotsbury, West Bexington, Cogden, Hive Beach and finally West Bay.

East Fleet, Moonfleet and Langton Herring require the use of a boat to cross the Fleet Lagoon, although land owners are making it increasingly difficult to cross their land. A boat would also be useful for the Bridging Camp so as to save that romp along the beach.

2023 Summary


 Below you will find a very brief summary of what sorts of species you can expect to find through out the year. Keep in mind, some species can come in early or later than usual, it really depends on the weather. For example in 2022 May was nothing but back to back storms all month and as a result, everything that year seemed like it was a month late.



Straight into the New Year we generally see codling making an appearance for maybe the first one or two week in January. And as we’d just come off of what we’d call a Cod boom year that was certainly still the case.



In February we close the shop, generally this time of year the fishing is poor and the weather poorer. Sometimes we can get Plaice very early in this month and you will find them down West Bexington and Cogden.


March is normally when Plaice season starts, they are quite thin this time of year, sometimes almost see through. Mackerel can start to make a show this month too, with herring mixed in. This tends to be the only time of year we see herring. Also Turbot. Turbot are generally quite rare from Chesil but if any are going to be reported they’re going to come out in March and normally between Cogden and Hive beach, on fish baits, good luck!


coming soon…..ish